Miniatures + murals.
Props + prints + paintings.

Sheyam Ghieth (she/they) is a queer Egyptian abolitionist known for her art and design work on the comedy-drama television series Ramy, FX’s The Americans, Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black; and for producing and co-directing the award-winning Amazon web series BROTHERS about a group of transmasc friends. Most recently, Sheyam has been hosting art builds and creating zines about Covid, Palestine, and their intersections.

Sheyam was born in Cairo, and grew up attending International, American and British schools in various regions of occupation and colonization. With her family, she lived in Egypt, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Italy and Louisiana, where she developed a lifelong obsession country music.

From 2001 to 2007, Sheyam worked as a reporter for the Associated Press, Dow Jones and Bloomberg News in Rome, Italy and around Europe, before moving back to NYC and reconnecting to herself as a creative.

For the past 15 years, Sheyam has created props, set dressing and signage, custom art and large-scale graphics for film and television, as well as logo, branding and identity design for several independent enterprises geared toward collective liberation.

They now live in Portland, OR, with their partner and black cat Baz, where they are prioritizing queer joy as a radical act of resistance and dancing/walking/creating their way through intergenerational healing.

Sheyam is currently on the steering committee of the new SWANA ROSE PDX culture + community center; is a mentor to queer, arab, muslim and swana kiddos, and aims to keep our spaces safer by wearing a respirator and filtering air as much as possible. <3